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Join Data Natives on October 26th-28th in Berlin and learn about how data is tranforming our world (Sponsored)

Data is part of our new cultural identity, transforming the way we communicate, learn and interact. Data Natives explores the key areas of technology that are driving innovation, and creating the next wave of billion dollar startups. To attend the exciting conference on October 26th-28th in Berlin, make sure to secure your ticket now!

Data Natives is a vibrant, innovative and successful conference that celebrates exciting areas of technology, that are driving innovation and the next wave of massively successful startups. The event will introduce popular streams related to technological advancements in AI, Machine Learning, IoT and trends revolving around booming industries such as FinTech, HealthTech, AdTech and RealTech.

Data Natives will be joined by over 70 industry experts and startups from around the world, who will host sessions and workshops over the course of three days, for 800+ attending entrepreneurs, founders, data scientists, engineers, and students. Come and meet the people at the forefront of world changing technology!

At Data Natives, individual consumers and major industries alike have a tremendous opportunity to learn and network with leading scientists, founders, analysts, investors and economists. The event will host thought leaders from across the globe, such as:

  • Romeo Kienzler – Chief Data Scientist at IBM Watson
  • John Horman – Chief Field Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Daniel Molnar – Senior Data & Applied Scientist at Microsoft
  • Yuval Dvir – Head of EMEA Online Partnerships at Google
  • Andrew Clegg – Data Scientist at Etsy
  • Philipp Krenn – Developer advocate at Elastic
  • Sigalit Bechler – Researcher at SimilarWeb
  • Devie Mohan – Co-Founder & CEO at Burnmark

Data Natives 2015 attracted some of the world’s greatest Big Data influencers and industry leaders. This year, Data Natives will raise the bar with even more cutting edge technology from innovators, influencers and industry leaders as well as the best of the Berlin tech scene from rising and promising European startups.


Each day, Data Natives 2016 will offer a different conference track:

Workshops – Day 1

Intimate sessions led by Data Science and Business experts. There will be ample time to ask questions and have one-on-one discussions with speakers and attendees

Data Science – Day 2

From Big Data, Machine Learning, to AI and IoT, our speakers will offer both business and technical presentations, aimed at giving you a better understanding of the Data Science ecosystem. The first day of the conference opens with keynote speaker Daniel Molnar, from Microsoft, talking about the basics: Cleaning up your data, once and for all. Afterwards we’ll have Stefan Kühn, from codecentric, also giving a rather educational talk on visualizing and communicating high-dimensional data. Kim Nilsson, data scientist and CEO of pivigo, will give the final talk of this kind, outlining how to become a successful data scientist. Afterwards, the conference goes into machine learning and AI, and open source projects, with talks by Dr. Jonathan Mall,Francisco Webber, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Julia Kloiber, among others. Rounding up the day, there will be a panel on The Future of AI and Universal Basic Income.

Tech Trends – Day 3

Tech Trends is all about the cutting edge. Experts will discuss the latest buzzworthy tech trends you’ve heard from booming industries such as FinTech, HealthTech and PropTech. Romeo Kienzler, the Chief Data Scientist at IBM Watson, will start bright and early with a keynote on Deep Learning. From then, there will be talks about FinTech, MedTech, HealthTech, PropTech, big data recruiting, and the Startup Battle: 7 startups that focus on Machine Learning, FinTech and IoT have been selected to pitch in front of the audience and our judges..

Klaas Bollhofer, Chief Data Scientist at unbelievable Machine Company GmbH stated: “Data Natives was the community event in Germany in 2015. Bleeding edge topics, top-notch speakers from all over the world, a fully international crowd of — as the event states — data natives and a perfect location for getting together and sharing thoughts and visions for 2016 to come.”

Data Natives is a conference organized by Dataconomy – the leading portal for news, events and expert opinion from the world of data-driven technology. The event will be held at the Bolle Festsäle in Berlin on October 26th-28th 2016. Secure your ticket now!

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