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gig scores € 1.13 million to connect shift-working millennials with bars, restaurants and hotels in London

gig has raised € 1.13 million in seed funding from a group of private investors to launch a platform that matches shift-working millennials with businesses of all sizes in London in the hospitality and retail sectors. It means that millennials no longer have to work the traditional 9-5.

The idea stemmed from difficulties faced when hiring shift workers for Maki – the high street sushi chain in London co-founded by Antony Woodcock, co-founder and Managing Director at gig, and his brother Daniel. The platform empowers twenty-somethings to live and work as little or as much as they want allowing them to top-up their monthly incomes or just earn some weekend “flash money”. Millennials (gig seekers) as well as businesses (gig providers) can download the app via Apple App Store or Google Play.

Antony Woodcock: “We always talk about 9 to 5 being so last century. Millennials are used to and seek out things that give them instant gratification. gig enables people to wake up one morning, find and book work through the app, complete a shift and then they automatically get their pay within 24 hours – it doesn’t get much more instant than that. We also pay holiday pay up front so people will always walk away with that little bit extra in their pocket each week.

gig was founded in December 2015. The London-based company is privately backed and has offices in London and Singapore and is set to roll out in other major UK cities later this year. Check out the video below to get a better feeling about how gig works:

Ieva Treija
Ieva Treija
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