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First unified app for car security and home control Ernest just launched a Kickstarter campaign

ERNEST – the first unified app for car security and home control – has just launched a Kickstarter campaign. It is an interactive mobile butler that gives users the ability to access their car, garage door and home gate through a single, unified and secure mobile app.

The idea comes from European tech entrepreneur Arturs Pumpurs. He developed his vision for the ERNEST app after encountering various problems in car and property security himself. The biggest part of current immobilizers and remote controls for gates tend to create a lot of unnecessary clutter in the pockets of the owner and run out of batteries in very inconvenient moments. It is expensive to replace them and it takes a lot of time too. An additional challenge is providing access to guests, family members or business associates without creating numerous copies of the remote controls or creating complicated logistics schemes to accommodate everyone.

ERNEST is the mobile security app that allows you to easily and securely provide access to your home, garage and car through a mobile app within a click. You just need to send an invitation. It is possible to control numerous gates and cars. Allowance to enter can be given to any amount of people. The app features a 3-tier security system and operates via the latest Bluetooth 4.0. which is low energy and ranges up to 100 metres. ERNEST does not connect to the board computer of the car, as other immobilizers do. Every action is deliberate, safe and certain. It is child-safe – parents can avoid situations when the car is taken without permission. It is also possible to create a GPS fence in which the car is allowed to go as well as track the speed and location of the car.

ERNEST reminds users to always bring their phone with them, and lets him or her set up reminders for necessary maintenance and car upkeep services. The functionality is saved even if the phone is damaged – the user only needs to log into account from a different phone, and the app will continue to run retaining all services.

The Kickstarter campaign will last for 40 days starting from today. The goal of the campaign is to popularize ERNEST unified system and to continue developing new products. Kickstarter backers will gain early bird access to all products at rock-bottom prices!

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Ieva Treija
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