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Berlin-based Music Maker JAM community hits 1.5 million registered members and plans to hit 3 million by end of 2016

The German startup Music Maker JAM aims to build the world’s largest music creation community. Launched in September of 2015, Music Maker JAM has just reached 1.5 million registered member profiles. Furthermore, based on recent product enhancements, monthly registrations shot up by 500%. The young company predicts it will hit 3 million member profiles before the end of 2016.

The Music Maker JAM community is a place for anyone to share music tracks made in the Music Maker JAM app, enter contests, gain followers and receive friendly feedback. As creators become better at producing high quality music using the app, it’s an opportunity to build their early fanbase, get noticed and potentially get famous.

To date there have been 1 million music tracks created an shared within the Music Maker JAM app. Music Maker JAM app has achieved 18 million downloads to date and is available for free across Android, iOS, Windows devices.

Rory Kenny, CEO of JAM explains: “By effectively democratising the music production toolkit & providing an instant audience, we enable anyone to create, share & discover new music – all you need is a smartphone!”

Check out the video below to see how Music Maker JAM works:

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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