Join SaaStock on September 21st and 22nd in Dublin and learn how to build a category leading B2B SaaS business (Sponsored)


Turn your SaaS up to eleven and join more than 700 Founders, VCs and Execs in Dublin for SaaStock 2016, the conference to learn how to build a category leading B2B SaaS business.

Throughout the conference, SaaStock will be filled with exciting talks and interesting panel discussions on everything SaaS and the enterprise. The speaker’s list is quite impressive and includes:

  • Brynne Herbert, Founder & CEO of Move Guides
  • Des Traynor, Co-Founder of Intercom
  • Christoph Janz, Managing Director at Point Nine Capital
  • James Wise, Partner at Balderton Capital
  • Leo Widrich, COO and Co-Founder of Buffer
  • Nikos Moraitakis, Founder & CEO of Workable
  • Peter Coppinger, Founder & CEO of Teamwork
  • Sitar Teli, Partner at Connect Ventures

SaaStock aims to become the SXSW of SaaS. With SaaS.City there will be 9 side-events to choose from across the City of Dublin. SaaS.City will be kind of your warm up for SaaStock. Or an ice breaker, if you will.

The SaaStock Sessions will give you the playbook to building a category leading B2B SaaS business. Since there will be a lot of networking action going on, the SaaStock organizers don’t expect you to sit through all 12 talks. This is why they’re creating the e-playbook on ‘How to build a category leading B2B SaaS business’ that will be sent to all SaaStock attendees after the event.

Come to Dublin and enjoy one of Europe’s best cities in regards to tech and pub culture. Mix business with pleasure at the SaaStock after party.

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