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Cologne-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service startup gridscale secures first seed money

The Cologne-based startup gridscale just secured its first seed investment from High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF). Founded in 2014 and launched in November 2015, gridscale has been bootstrapped by its founders Michael Balser, Henrik Hasenkamp and Torsten Urbas. Together they have accumulated more than 40 years of professional experience in the hosting industry.

gridscale aims to provide the world’s easiest IaaS solution and depicts the way into the next generation of cloud computing. The young company offers unique, virtual data center services that are based on the latest technological standards and are particularly user-friendly. gridscale not only targets developers, but has also been able to convince renowned companies with its services, such as Webtrekk GmbH, billwerk GmbH and CTS GmbH.

According to gridscacle, a high degree of complexity and a technology that will soon reach its limits characterize the current market. The German startup reduces the complexity for its users and considerably simplifies the entry into cloud computing. Nevertheless, professional users maintain full control. gridscale stands out from its competitors due to its modern, highly flexible and self-maintaining infrastructure. Furthermore, the reliability of the architecture allows an availability guarantee of 100%.

The highly automated architecture enables gridscale’s B2B and B2C customers to choose between a variety of options with regards to IaaS components (e.g. virtual cloud server, storage, network resources) and complementary PaaS components (e.g. loadbalancer, firewall, S3 solutions).

Michael Balser, founder of gridscale stated: “I am very much looking forward to the collaboration with HTGF, as the name does not only stand for investment capital, but also for a unique network. We are looking ahead into the future with excitement as we address topics such as internationalization and product development in the area of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).”

Ruth Cremer, investment manager of HTGF said: “The forecasted growth in the market from currently USD 20 billion to significantly more than 50 billion was a good reason for us to invest, but it was not the decisive factor in the end. Especially the personality of the founders and the exceptional technology of gridscale convinced us.”

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Thomas Ohr
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