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Amsterdam-based SaaS startup Hotelchamp secures €1.75M in seed funding

The Dutch SaaS startup Hotelchamp has just secured €1.75 million in seed funding. With this first round of funding the Amsterdam-based company will be able to continue its rapid growth and expand its client base.

The seed investment comes from the founders along with a team of carefully selected angel investors, including a group of entrepreneurs from the hotel- and e-commerce-industry.

Hotelchamp was founded in 2015 and helps hotels obtain more bookings through their own websites. The team has since expanded to 25 employees of 7 different nationalities. Aside of Amsterdam Hotelchamp also has offices in Berlin and Groningen.

The smart technology of the Amsterdam startup personalizes hotel websites in real time based on visitor behavior. Thanks to Hotelchamp, hotels are now capable of encouraging and convincing visitors to book a room directly. As a result, hotels will profit from significantly higher conversion rates.

Hotelchamp CEO and founder Kristian Valk explains: “Hotels become less dependent on the large booking websites by using our software on their own websites. They will have direct contact with their hotel guests, which makes the entire booking process a lot more personal.”

Hotelchamp’s technology is already being used by many hotels around the world. Hotels pay Hotelchamp a fixed amount each month to use its software. The amount depends on the number of rooms they have on offer. Hotels are not required to pay Hotelchamp any fees or commissions for bookings, like they have to do with the existing booking platforms. Growth numbers indicate this model proves to be successful with hotels. Currently the Amsterdam Saas-startup’s turnover increases by 77% each month. Hotelchamp expects an eightfold increase in subscription fees this year.

Regarding the seed investment round, Kristian Valk stated: “We specifically went looking for a perfect team of investors, consisting of thoroughly experienced experts in fields such as hospitality, e-commerce, media and finance. The fact that we also have three investors from the hotel industry proves that Hotelchamp is catering to an urgent demand in the hospitality industry. Hotels want more control and more direct contact with their customers, and through our technology that has become possible”.

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