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Amsterdam-based Bynder secures $22 million in Series A funding to put branding automation on the map

Bynder, the Amsterdam-based branding automation startup, just secured $22 million in Series A funding from Insight Venture Partners, a New York-based venture capital firm.

Bynder was founded in 2013 and already employes over 200 people. The young company runs offices across the Netherlands, UK, US, Spain and UAE.

This huge funding round is a milestone for the ‘branding automation’ category as marketers seek a solution to deliver brand consistency across all channels and international markets at the touch of a button. The fresh capital will be used to continue international growth and to support further product development enabling brands globally to easily create, find and use digital content. According to Bynder, global brands are experiencing exponential demand for more content, across increasingly automated channels in order to meet business goals.

Bynder develops marketing software that empowers marketers to easily create, find and use their content. Through an intuitive, customised online portal, marketing departments and their agencies are able to collaborate from any location, anytime in order to create, design, share and approve collateral, as well as reshape graphics and videos. In addition, Bynder’s solution is a trusted and secure host for intellectual property. To learn more about how Bynder works, check out the video below this post.

Chris Hall, Founder and CEO of Bynder comments, “What Salesforce did for sales tech, Bynder can do for brands. The cloud is allowing marketers to work faster and smarter, freeing up time for creative and strategic initiatives instead of repetitive administrative tasks. Branding automation lets marketers respond to real-time issues because there is a foundation for brand materials, which is accessible and consistent across the business. This new category of Mar-Tech will be a game changer for any brand.”

The platform already services over 150,000 users across more than 350 brands around the globe including KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Logitech and AkzoNobel. Recently, the company has seen increased innovation in product development and has doubled its headcount for its research and development and customer success teams. In June, Bynder announced its newest office in Dubai to support continued growth within the Middle East and its growing customer base in the region.

Hall adds, “Starting out as a small European business, we had to concentrate on the fundamentals: developing a great product; looking after our people; and running a tight ship. There’s a shifting tide in investment towards rewarding closely managed businesses and there’s no doubt that’s been our focus from the outset. We can now use this investment to accelerate profitable growth”.

Earlier this day, Chris Hall also made a bold statement regarding the Brexit. He said: “London will have competition because more European companies are going global, because with software-as-a-service and cloud-based products, it doesn’t matter where you’re based,” Hall said in an interview. “Brexit or not, European borders are disappearing anyway with digital.” 

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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