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UK-based mobile payments company Bango acquires BilltoMobile to accelerate carrier billing in U.S. market

Bango, a leading provider of app store carrier billing, today announced it has acquired the BilltoMobile carrier billing service and associated contracts for $3.5 million from Danal Inc. The acquisition positions Bango as the leader in carrier billing in the U.S. market.

As a result of the acquisition, Bango is now the only processor of carrier billing transactions across all four major U.S. mobile network operators (MNOs), representing more than 300 million connected devices and handling $80 million of transactions in 2015. The acquisition enables MNOs and other Bango partners to use Bango technology for carrier billing in the U.S, achieving greater scale and higher revenues from carrier-billed payments in this high-value market.

“We have worked with BilltoMobile for many years and there are tremendous synergies already in place,” said Bango CEO Ray Anderson. He continued: “Bango’s powerful technology, coupled with the depth of BilltoMobile’s high-quality software and trusted operator relationships, will now create a premier customer experience for Bango and its app store partners in the U.S. market.”

The Bango Payment Platform enables global stores to optimize their customer’s carrier billing experience and increase sales for content developers. The platform is shared across the industry by the leading app stores, enabling them to offer carrier billing cost-effectively and at scale. Each operator and app store only integrates once, simplifying monitoring and maintenance. New features and optimizations are added centrally to raise the bar for the whole industry.

Bango Boost, part of the Bango Payment Platform, records and compares every payment against live industry benchmarks, recommending precise actions that boost payment success, sales volumes, customer engagement and satisfaction — to ultimately increase revenues. As a result of this acquisition, U.S MNO’s automatically gain the opportunity to apply Bango Boost technology to grow their app store carrier billing revenues and customer satisfaction.

Bango was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Cambridge (UK).

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