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Some highlights from Money2020 – one of the biggest fintech conferences in Europe

With more than 3,500 attendees, 420 speakers, 200+ sponsors and 100+ media partners, the MONEY 2020 EUROPE, which was happening in Copenhagen last month, was one of the biggest Fintech events of the year.

As we all know, Fintech (Financial technology) is a hot topic these days and investors chase fintech startups like crazy. Euro FinTech funding levels rose to new heights, with one investment per day in Q1 2016, according to Tech.eu. But Fintech is also maturing. The founders of today’s Fintech startups switched from “killing the banks” mode to “let’s work together … somehow”. And banks are willing to cooperate. Below you’ll find some highlights of this year’s MONEY 2020 Europe:

TransferWise was telling the market that banks are terrible with their high foreign exchange fees. Now, the startups seems starting to like banks. TransferWise has already integrated with Estonia’s largest domestic bank, LHV, and also with Germany’s Number26 bank. And Transferwise founder Kristo Käärmann was in Copenhagen and was busy dating other banks’ CEOs…

China’s Alipay had a big presence at the conference, with Alipay announcing a launch into Europe in summer 2016 at the event. Google, Samsung, Amazon, and Alipay all had a big presence at the conference, with Alipay announcing a launch into Europe at the event. Apple was the only notable absentee among the big tech giants who are now starting to experiment with payments in one way or another.

Germany-based Raisin is a pan-European savings platform that allows users to compare rates on savings accounts, and then open and manage accounts in other countries. The startup announced its expansion to 30 more European countries from Germany and Austria.

I met Barzahlen, a cool Berlin-based startup turning shops into banks. The innovative online payment infrastructure guaranteeing data security when purchasing online.

The VC panel highlighted the fact that corporate VC’s investing in #fintech startups doubled over last year, now 1 in 4 fintech startups are funded by a corporate VC arm

The startup pitch at Money2020 Europe was won by a Portugal data startup: Crowdprocess. Its aim to prevent bad loans. The service  brings the power of Machine Learning to  Credit Risk Departments, allowing to build better scoring models.

Im met Judith&Daniel are founders of @EverCompliant, leading provider of cyber intelligence that allows acquiring banks and payment service providers to manage merchant based fraud & cyber risk.

Several big banks and financial groups were in Copenhagen. And they showed willingness to combine their financial strength and expertise with the drive of young fintech startups.

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