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Overview of the best coworking spaces in Riga

A coworking space is often the next step for solopreneurs or small startups that grew out of their home offices. Flexible as well as affordable terms make it possible to rent an office desk for one day, one months or more. Riga, the capital of Latvia, also offers some cool coworking spaces. Here are Riga’s Top 4:

TechHub creates spaces around the world for tech entrepreneurs to meet. It has its own space in Riga located in the heart of the city – in Old Town. TechHub Riga is a co-working space and home for 30+ startups. It is a host for various events, such as monthly meetups and annual tech conference TechChill Baltics. Price varies from €24 for flex membership (20 h per week) to €125 for resident membership. Address: Kaļķu street 12/14 (entrance from Kaleju street).

The Mill is the home of the developers, designers, architects and startup folks. It is located on the central street of Riga and is a coworking and event space for creative minded people to collaborate and create greater value and fast growing businesses. As well as play ping-pong and hang out with each other. Price: resident with fixed table and unlimited access to premises = €150 per month; drop-in with random seat and access workdays from 9 AM to 6 PM = €100  per month. Address: Brivibas street 33.

Darbavieta or “Workplace” – according to the english translation. It is a community of self-employed creatives and doers, who, by sharing space, tables, wi-fi and the coffee machine, also share ideas, resources, contacts, knowledge and advice. Price: two try-out days is for free here, but afterwards resident pay €45 or €90 per working place or €250 to €350 per team room.

Birojnīca was the first co-working space in Riga. Although it focuses more on meetings, lectures, seminars and small conferences, it is possible to have some spot there to work as well. Birojnīca is used more for short periods. It is possible to rent the spot there for the day and it costs just €6. The price includes access to internet, coffee, tea and water. Also it is possible to print up to 10 pages. Two more options for renting this spot is available €25 for 7 days and €60 for a month. These two options also include availability of the meeting room for one or two hours accordingly.

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Ieva Treija
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