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Online payments for start-ups made easy – with the Wirecard Checkout Portal (Sponsored)

Selecting the right payment portal is a key factor for the success of an online shop. All start-up founders who want to get their business rolling should ask themselves the following questions:

Can my customers make payments simply and quickly? Do my customers feel secure making payments in my shop? Am I offering the payment methods that my customers want?

Many customers complain about issues during online checkout, particularly in selecting the payment methods offered. Consequently, shopping baskets often remain empty and merchants miss out on valuable sales opportunities. A successful online shop should offer simple and logical payment processes, as well as a convenient and practical selection of payment methods for customers.

The Wirecard Checkout Portal shows how to integrate a user-friendly checkout in your online shop easily and without any red tape.

“With the Checkout Portal, we have simplified procedures relating to contractual components, technical implementation and selection of payment processes. This enables merchants to bring their online shop to market very quickly,” says Christian Reindl, EVP Consumer Goods at Wirecard AG.

The Wirecard Checkout Portal currently offers 20 popular international payment methods and risk management solutions. Merchants can either use preconfigured payment packages or compile their own mix of payment processes using the simple configuration tool. This method is particularly cost-efficient, as you only pay for what you actually use – perfect for start-ups. All payment transactions are also validated in real time, with statistics compiled regarding the payment processes.

The Wirecard Checkout Portal is the perfect payment portal for all startups. Impress your customers with the ideal mix of payment methods and secure processes – without high administration costs or time burdens on your part.

For more information, visit www.checkoutportal.com.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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