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London-based fintech startup Curve teams up with Wirecard to launch next generation payment cards

Wirecard, Europe’s leading specialist for payment processing and issuing services, today announced a partnership with the London-based startup Curve to introduce a new payment solution.

Curve allows people to connect up an unlimited number of bank cards into one physical payment card, accepted everywhere. It is supported by a mobile app that gives people a clearer picture of their payments putting them back in control. The card and smartphone app solution is supported by Wirecard’s technology, ensuring global usage of the Curve card and bank-level security protection.

By uniting existing credit cards, debit cards and other payment methods in a single place, users of Curve access low currency conversion fees, see and label transactions from all accounts in one screen in real-time (for instance expenses), pay everywhere MasterCard is accepted – and keep collecting their reward points.

Curve is initially providing the card to small business users – the freelancers, ‘solopreneurs’, micro-business owners and others who are the ‘movers and makers’ of the small business world. This group of small businesses often has varied and complex personal and business banking needs, and can be underserved by current retail banking offerings with regard to payments and managing multiple cash-flows.

Jack Harris, VP of Sales Financial Institutions Europe at Wirecard stated: “We are delighted to be supporting Curve with its launch. The solution targets the SME market which is growing and underserved by traditional providers. It is that combination that makes this partnership exciting and supports Wirecard’s key strategy of empowering smart technology solutions and innovative business models”.

Shachar Bialick, CEO of Curve explains: “We have designed Curve to help ambitious business users simplify their finances, without asking them to depart too far from familiar card payments. Curve customers are often on the go both at home and abroad, and together Curve and Wirecard can meet their needs.”

Curve supports the latest Chip & Pin, Contactless and magstripe technology. It works just like any other bank card. Users connect all their debit and credit cards into the Curve app, which syncs them with the Curve card, so users can simply carry one card. To change the card users want to pay with, they simply use the app.

The London-based startup was founded in 2015 and so far secured about $2 million in venture capital. Their new cooperation partner, Wirecard, is based in Munich.

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