HomeFundingLondon-based DAD secures £2 million to launch DIY video visit service

London-based DAD secures £2 million to launch DIY video visit service

DAD, the service that helps consumers to fix up their home, just secured £2 million in seed funding from its strategic partner HomeServe to launch its video visit service.

DAD was founded in 2015 and helps busy young professionals by connecting them with a DAD Expert who provides DIY tips and expert advice to help them fix anything from a dodgy door handle, to mould in the bathroom, or a broken boiler.

The introduction of DAD means that consumers no longer have to endure expensive call outs or wait for plumbers, electricians and handymen to turn up at their home. Now they can simply download the app and hit call to start a ‘video visit’ and speak with an expert in home repairs who can help them fix or diagnose the problem. Calls cost £10 from any smartphone calling from the UK with no time limit put on the call.

Ben Wynn, founder and CEO at DAD, comments: “My Dad has always been my go-to person for practical advice around the home. The idea for DAD came a couple of years ago when I was trying to change a bathroom tap. Having swapped the old tap for a new one, I turned the water back on and instantly everything was soaked. My Dad was away travelling, enjoying his retirement, so I called him on FaceTime and he guided me through what to do. I realised that if I found myself in such a DIY disaster others would too, so I started DAD.”

The Experts are vetted and heavily screened by the DAD team. They work in three hours shifts and can be anyone from a retired tradesman that just wants to work a couple of hours a day to an ex services engineer or skilled handyman who would like a flexible working week.

DAD believes that what people usually think is broken in the home can often be fixed with the help of an expert via a video visit. The proof of concept stage showed that 60% of all problems can be solved over the phone. The other 40% being fixed via a home visit from a qualified, vetted DAD partner.

DAD approved partner companies such as HomeServe are respected and qualified in the desired fields such as plumbing, electrics and heating.

HomeServe, one of the UK’s leading domestic home repairs companies, is currently the lead investor in DAD. Richard Harpin, Group CEO at HomeServe comments: “Investing in DAD is a no brainer for us. DAD has excelled at building a robust network of experts making this a viable business model. This coupled with the strong DAD brand means this team is already leading from the front. As one of the businesses in this area it is important we keep our fingers on the pulse and explore business models and technology like this.”

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