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The MY-WAY map: Europe’s startup ecosystems indexed in a visual map

MY-WAY, a Startup Europe project with the goal to help more young adults to become successful web entrepreneurs, recently launched a visual mapping system to index Europe’s startup ecosystems. It provides aspiring entrepreneurs and young people thinking about starting up with a ton of information and contact details from VCs, angel investors, accelerators, service providers and other players in their local startup scene.

The map was created to empower first time entrepreneurs to understand the startup environment not only around them, but throughout Europe, and to help them find the missing piece that enables them to start and grow their business.

The MY-WAY team, in which EU-Startups is one of the partners, is continuously updating the map and includes new entities on a daily basis. The goal is to reach more than 1,000 indexed entities in the coming months. For the initial launch of the map, the focus was on 10 specific cities only (Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Dublin, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, Tel-Aviv). But the plan is to really make it a European map and to shine light on all those startup hubs which are not very well documented yet.

Given the large number of vibrant startup hubs in Europe, the team behind MY-WAY is very open to receive hints and suggestions on what organisations to include – especially from smaller startup hubs, since they aren’t well represented in the map yet. If you have an addition to the map, please feel free to contact the coordinators of the project via email ([email protected]).

The overall design of the map is very easy to use and intuitive, but there is also a Beginner’s Guide which helps you to make the most out of the map’s search functionality. And if you don’t like the UX design, don’t worry – there is already a redesign in the pipeline, which will further improve the search experience for users. So: Try out the map yourself and stay tuned for updates and further improvements!


Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr is the "Editor in Chief" of EU-Startups.com and started the blog in October 2010. He is excited about Europe's future, passionate about new business ideas and lives in Barcelona (Spain).

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