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FundedByMe raises €1 million through its own crowdfunding platform

Today the Scandinavian crowdfunding platform FundedByMe launched its very own crowdfunding round with the goal is to raise €1 million. Within just a few hours, the company already raised about 45% of its goal. Last week FundedByMe got approval from the Swedish Companies Registry Office to become a public company. This might be your last chance to become a crowdfunding investor in Scandinavia’s leading crowdfunding platform.

Founded in 2011, FundedByMe has done two successful crowdfunding rounds prior to this one. The first round was in 2012, raising SEK 4.4 million and in March 2014, raising SEK 6.4 million. The FundedByMe team is headquartered in Stockholm. For more info about FundedByMe and its current crowdfunding campaign, check out the video below this article.

Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder of FundedByMe stated: “With the force of more than 500 new investors registering their interest to participate prior to us launching, we have high expectations for what is likely to be FundedByMe’s last own crowdfunding round,”

He continued: “The momentum of the previous two rounds blew us away and it will be interesting to watch this campaign – particularly considering the way the market has matured when it comes to crowdfunding,”

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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