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Europe’s hottest IoT startups in 2016

During the last few weeks, we took a close look at about 150 European companies that are working on innovations in the Internet of Things space – including IoT platforms and smart devices. During our sourcing and review process we exclusively focused on startups which were founded between 2014 and 2016. In order to source the initial list of roughly 150 European IoT startups, we used platforms like Funderbeam, Dealroom, AngelList, Linkedin, Crunchbase (and several more), but we also spoke with a number of industry experts to ensure that we’re finding the best startups possible.

The next step was to create a ranking on the basis of this extensive list of IoT startups. For each company we tracked the employee count (according to LinkedIn or the company website), their social media followings, website traffic, and the degree of innovation. Afterwards we gave each of these data points a specific weighting, which resulted in a concrete score for all of the listed startups. The result is a ranking with 50 of Europe’s hottest IoT startups. You can purchase/download it here for €69 (£ 54.52).

Below you’ll find a little appetizer in the form of 10 promising startups which are also included in our ranking report. We’re listing the companies below in no particular order. If you want to see the concrete ranking with all 50 startups, make sure to download our report.

Mystery-Vibe-logoMysteryVibe: The London-based startup creates smart erotic toys which can be controlled via a mobile app. MysteryVibe applies Big Data and IoT to pleasure and makes that information openly available to support the medical & research communities in a positive informed way. The startup, which was founded in 2014, builds multi-sensorial erotic toys that change their shape and vibration types tailored to the specific needs of the individual user.

maintool-logoMaintool: A Madrid- and Paris-based startup which builds smart straps that can be fitted with any regular wristwatches without compromising the design, brand, culture and heritage of a watch. Maintool, which was founded in 2014, makes regular watches “smart”. The straps (sensors included) measure heart rate, track footsteps + calories burned (pedometer), skin and ambient temperatures, alert smartly through discrete vibrations and communicate with apps for iOS and Android.

monkey-logomonkey: Founded in 2015 in Munich, monkey is the smart doorman for apartment dwellers. monkey enables keyless access to apartments for residents and service providers by making the existing intercom smart. With monkey products, you can create virtual keys to your home and easily grant access to delivery services, house cleaners, dog walkers, guests, friends, and family – and control how long that access lasts – all from your smartphone.

Playbrush-logo-2016Playbrush: The London-based startup created a smart device that transforms the humble toothbrush into a video game controller, to improve children’s oral hygiene. Founded in 2014, Plabrush did a successful Kickstarter campaign in May 2015 and has recently raised  £500k from Super-Angel Hansi Hansmann and the Austrian VC fund Speedinvest. The startup also builds games and feedback apps which connect with the Playbrush device and help kids with their daily toothbrushing.

MyOctopus-logoMyOctopus: A Dublin-based startup which creates an intelligent smart home device packed with sensors that will transform the way you interact with your house. Founded in 2015, MyOctopus is a creative smart-home multi-tool, enabling users to customize at any level, from application level to hardware. MyOctopus will be the brains of the house – managing all connectable devices, your schedules & calendars and your network.

waylay-logoWaylay: The Belgian startup offers an IoT service orchestration platform that combines data across IoT verticals and providing a richer integration between IoT solutions and enterprise IT systems and cloud services. Founded in 2014, The Waylay platform lies in wait for various information streams, combines and reasons on those information streams in a sophisticated way, and takes action.

flap-it-logoFlapit: Founded in 2014 and created in Barcelona, Flapit is a departure board connected to social media platforms. Engaging and easy to use, Flapit helps businesses to get offline customers to join their online community. At the same time, Flapit displays social media fan bases (in real time) in physical environments to showcase internet popularity and trust, which might help increase traffic offline.

Zembro-logoZembro: The Belgian startup created a smart wearable that allow seniors and their relatives to live freely and safely. Founded in 2014, it ensures a permanent connection between loved ones. They are always available to each other and they can be reached at any time if there is an issue. The Zembro solution comes with a unique watch and an application. And with smart algorithms it becomes a real personal assistant.

Alfred-logoAlfred Smart Home: A multi-platform home automation solution delivered as a mobile app which helps you control several smart devices. Alfred Smart Home was founded in 2014 and is based in London and Rome. It allows users to effectively manage energy waste from a smartphone or tablet. The mission is to make automated homes accessible to everyone. Alfred Smart Home can be used to manage lighting, heating & cooling, security cameras, entertainment systems, electrical appliances, windows and gates and child monitors.

Filo-logoFilo: Founded in 2014 in Rome, the team behind Filo created a small Bluetooth device that helps you finding and never losing what you care about. Filo attaches to keys, enter it in the suitcase, backpack or wallet and using the app you’ll always know where your lost/stolen items are. You can make your Filo ring to retrieve it quickly. Filo also helps you to find you smartphone. Just push Filo’s button and make your smartphone ring to retrieve it in seconds.

You are interested to see all 50 startups and our ranking? You can purchase/download it here for €69 (£ 54.52). The payment options are PayPal and Credit Card, but you can also send an email to [email protected], and we’ll send you the report and a corresponding invoice (payable via bank transfer).

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