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The Swiss Startup Association launches with the goal to improve Switzerland’s startup ecosystem

By the end of last week, the Swiss Startup Association announced its official launch. The organisation already counts 90 members from the Swiss startup ecosystem.

The Swiss Startup Association has been formed to be the voice of startups in order to improve the conditions for them to flourish.

The board consists of well-known and experienced Swiss entrepreneurs who want to foster and develop a strong and sustainable Swiss startup ecosystem for the future: Urs Haeusler (President), Nicolas Bürer (Vice President), Jan Lichtenberg, Lea von Bidder, Hannes Gassert, Pascal Mathis, Karim Maizar and Michael Mosimann. The business management of the SSA is taken over by Mike Baur (Director), Max Meister (Deputy) as well as Andrew Vallejo-Sanderson (Secretary).

SSA president Urs Haeusler stated: “Startups are key drivers for innovation. In many industries they create more jobs than established companies. Switzerland’s startup ecosystem is growing and getting more and more professional. But there are still some important political and regulatory obstacles hindering Switzerland from becoming a more successful startup hub”.

The SSA can already count on a strong support from various industries, entrepreneurs as well as economical associations. Hans-Ulrich Bigler, Director Swiss Trade Association (Schweizerischer Gewerbeverband) stated: “Startup companies are an indispensable part of the Swiss economy. They intensify the dynamics and competition in the market. With their creativity and innovation they make a significant contribution to the prosperity and welfare of Switzerland”.

SSA stands up and speaks for a better legal, regulatory and tax environment for founders and startups in Switzerland a more startup friendly sense on the part of Switzerland’s authorities and regulators more social and political awareness of Switzerland’s startup ecosystem. Therefore SSA will team up with existing initiatives in the Swiss startup and innovation ecosystem and support them with the voice of the hundreds of Swiss startups, which have generated thousands of jobs in the last few years.

Over the next days, the SSA will send out to all Swiss startups a mailing with an online manifesto survey. With this the SSA wants to assure that the right topics and concerns of the startups are being addressed. At the same time the startups are asked to register and be part of the initiative. Membership is free for all startups and students.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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