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Junomedical, the new portfolio company of Project A, launches its medical travel platform

The Berlin-based startup Junomedical, a provider of medical travel that connects patients with hospitals around the world, announced today the launch of its digital platform for medical travel.

Junomedical provides patients access to affordable medical treatments combined with a concierge approach to patient care centered around a patient’s well-being and individual healthcare needs. The launch of the platform provides patients around the world access to numerous healthcare options via a global network of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Accompanying the launch, Junomedical also announced that it has received seed funding from Berlin-based Project A, an early-stage investor and operational VC in the digital technology space.

“We believe launching this digital hub will strongly position Junomedical for success as we make our global debut. These days, access to medical treatment is still limited to local healthcare providers for a lot of people. Globalization, unfortunately, hasn’t penetrated healthcare yet,” says Dr. Sophie Chung, founder and CEO of Junomedical. “We have worked hard to create this digital platform to accelerate access to high-quality medical treatments regardless of patient’s location or level of income. Our services are free for patients. We’re putting the patient first.”

Currently, Junomedical offers services to patients globally and cooperates with over 30 clinics in six countries.  The young company has a forward looking trajectory of doubling its reach every 6 months. Junomedical offers patients twenty-four seven support service via an online platform. Patients can seamlessly explore and book a variety of medical and cosmetic treatments, including dental treatments, eye surgeries and orthopedic treatments.

Medical travel is clearly a big trend. To ensure the highest standards in quality, Junomedical only cooperates with renowned and accredited clinics, which are experienced in dealing with international patients and have received accreditations from the Joint Commission International (JCI) or have the highest national accreditation.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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