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Finnish startup Magic Add secures $250K to create the internet of packaging

The Finnish startup Magic Add has raised $250,000 in angel funding for its “internet of packaging” solution (IoP). The Turku-based company has been working in partnership with the global food packaging specialist Huhtamaki on digitalized applications for foodservice packaging.

According to Magic Add, all packaging will contain unique codes in the nearest future. They will allow more efficient logistics, ensure the  authenticity of products, and inform consumers about the products’ chain of production, contents, and freshness. One unique code brings information from the entire supply chain.

“Magic Add specializes in cost efficient, high-volume smart packaging, making it the cheapest and most effective way of embedding intelligence in packages,” says the company’s President and CEO Samuli Manninen.

The startup offers advertisers new options to reach its audience, enhances customer experience with product information and interactive media, and can provide real-time analytics that show the effect of a marketing campaign. This all is possible with the Magic Add application. Also it enables shipment tracking and feedback collection, and can even help reduce food waste. Future plans of the company include product development to create an international network of suppliers and customers.

Magic Add launched its technology and product development in 2011 and has partnered with leading packaging manufacturers, as well as global consumer brands.

Ieva Treija
Ieva Treija
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