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Startup Safary turns Budapest into a startup exhibition from the 21st to the 22nd of April

Have you heard about Prezi or LogMeIn? How about the Ustream, the Skyscanner or the SequenceIQ acquisitions? If you are developer, you might have heard about Craft Conf. There is one thing they have all in common – they all have happened in Budapest!

You’ve been thinking about visiting the city of Rubik’s Cube not only for eating goulash, but also to meet the whole scale of the local tech/startup scene? We have good news for you! On 21-22 April, the whole Budapest startup ecosystem opens up for you as Startup Safary arrives to the city.

You will be able to visit over 70 locations based on your interest, entering the offices of the collaborators of the startup scene in Budapest, participating breakfasts, office tours, workshops, mentoring sessions, hackathons, tech meetups, science shops and so on, closing with a crazy “startup” party organized by International Geek-Together. By the way: You will also have the chance to meet the co-founder of Electronic Arts, Jeff Burton, who is coming to Budapest for the very first time.

On the event’s website you’ll find a complete list of amazing startups and ecosystem collaborators from the city with their programs offered. There will be also a so called ‘Investor dinner’, where the local VCs and angels gather to meet investors coming from other countries / regions.

Startup Safary Budapest expects participants from the whole region: students, tech folks, entrepreneurs, open minded people from the corporate and government sectors, investors and founders.

Discount: Since EU-Startups is a media partner of the event, we’re able to provide you with a promocode which gives you 40% discount (SafaryLovesEUSTARTUPS) on the entrepreneur type of ticket, but startup employees, students and jobseekers may come for only €5,20. Get your ticket now!

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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