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Trip Republic secures seed funding to further develop its travel planning and booking app

Trip Republic, a Helsinki-based travel planning and booking startup, today announced the closing of a €200,000 angel round. This brings the total amount of funding for Trip Republic to €325,000. The young company, which was founded in 2015, intends to use the funding to develop the product and secure partnerships for co-branded travel products.

Trip Republic has developed a travel planning and booking solution. A user-friendly travel planner that lets users be inspired by trips made by other travellers and bloggers is the core of the Trip Republic experience. In connection to the planner, Trip Republic has integrated supply from travel industry leaders such as Skyscanner, Foursquare, Uber, Viagogo and Musement. Travel events and items can be added to “trips” and booked using Trip Republic.

Joen Schauman, the co-founder and CEO of Trip Republic, explains: “We aim to make the step from looking to booking a lot easier. With our timeline approach to travel, we do not have to rely on the traditional aggregation methods to make personalized suggestions and deliver spot-on suggestions to our users.”

Trip republic will continue to integrate more supply from travel industry leaders to create an easy planning and booking service. The travel startup is creating a solution where travellers are inspired by other travellers and are offered the possibility to book all aspects of travel at the most affordable price. All in one place.

In addition, Trip Republic offers co-branded software solutions to travel industry partners wishing to engage, manage or up-sell current travel customers. Travel brands can benefit from the holisttic approach to travel and combine inspiration and bookings to their product mix.

The Trip Republic team is based in Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia.

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Thomas Ohr
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