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Labiotech.eu raises its first seed-round to become Europe’s leading online publication covering the Biotech industry

The Berlin-based team behind the media startup Labiotech.eu today announced that they raised a 6-figure seed-round from lead investor WestTech Ventures and 5 European business angels – Sven Fund, Bertrand Landel, Simon Bungers, Michel Lurquin and Adveris.

This round of capital was raised to support Labiotech.eu’s growth in its objective of becoming the leading Biotech online publication in Europe. It will give the startup more resources to publish high-quality content, develop new content formats and organize its first conference Labiotech Refresh.

As we all know, Biotechnology is an exciting industry that is going to have a big impact on our future lifes. On the other hand, the digital industry is profoundly changing today’s media landscape. Labiotech.eu combines both worlds to highlight Europe’s role within the Biotech industry.

Labiotech.eu was founded by Joachim Eeckhout and Philip Hemme – two young entrepreneurs from France. They started a French blog about Biotech during their studies and then decided to move to Berlin in September 2014 to scale-up the French blog to a European level.

“We were passionate about biology since high school. That was our reason for graduating in biotechnology (where we met!). We truly believe biotechnology is an extraordinary field changing the world every day. Informing people about it is our greatest pleasure,”, the founders previously said in an interview with the blog Biotech Enterpreneurship.

This biotech blog grew quiete nicely reaching 25,000 unique visitors in November. As a result, this makes it one of the leading online media for Biotech in Europe.

“This is a very exciting time for our startup, and will help us furthermore change how people get informed about the exciting field of Biotech in Europe” confirms both co-founders. The blog is part of the LaBiotech Group which also edits the European Biotech Map, the World Tour of Biotech ecosystems and the French reference Biotech News website LaBiotech.fr.

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Ieva Treija
Ieva Treija
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