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La Belle Assiette raises €1.3M to launch 4 new catering services and to enter the events catering industry

La Belle Assiette, Europe’s leading on­-demand chef service, announced today that it has received a €1.3 million in a new financing round which brings the total amount of funding to €3 million. The fresh capital, which comes from investors like Kima Ventures, Cabiedes & Partners and many more, will be used to launch 4 new catering services, confirming La Belle Assiette’s strategy to expand its business from private­-chef dining to the entire events catering industry.

Founded in 2013, the French startup ​La Belle Assiette ​today can be described as Europe’s largest private-­chef dining service.​ Professional chefs, selected and tested by the company, cook and serve carefully crafted set menus in the comfort of your home. With menus starting at €35 per person​ (£39 in the UK), La Belle Assiette now works with 700+ chefs cooking in 6 countries. The young company secured its European leadership position through fast geographic expansion. La Belle Assiette already operates in 7 European countries.

In addition to the new funding, La Belle Assiette also announced today that the company is expanding its service line to enter the events catering industry. Over the next 6 months, La Belle Assiette will launch 4 new catering services: Buffets, Canapé Receptions, Office Lunches and Cooking Classes.

Stephen Leguillon, the company’s CEO, explains: “Over the past 2 years, we focused on building the best service in a relatively niche market (private chef dining). This has been a success. It enabled us to create strong fundamentals and this business will continue to grow. But this focus has also helped us build the infrastructure needed to expand into the wider catering market.”

La Belle Assiette created kind of a “T​axonomy­-Driven Marketplace​”. following this model, La Belle Assiette’s team designs templates of catering services and selects price­points depending on local demand. Only after the templates are designed, the chefs and caterers get the chance to fill these templates and compete on the marketplace, based on their menus and reviews rather than prices. La Belle Assiette plans to utilise this quality supplier network and clever marketplace model to disrupt the €18 billion (in Europe) events catering market.

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Thomas Ohr
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