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Dedrone moves headquarters from Germany to San Francisco to be closer to drone safety issues

Dedrone – the pioneer in professional civilian drone early-warning and detection systems – has just announced that the company is relocating its global headquarters from Kassel, Germany to San Francisco, California. The move to a state-of-the-art facility in the Mission District enables the startup to further expand in North America and create an environment that fosters client-centricity, innovation and collaboration.

Drones are considered to be not only technological achievement, but also the potential threat to safety. The Guardian earlier this year wrote that “commercially available drones have the potential to be converted into flying bombs capable of hitting targets such as nuclear power stations or the prime minister’s car, a report by a security thinktank has warned.” Dedrone constantly updates information on its website regarding different drone incidents all around the world to prove that this is really a problem. You can find the information here.

Dedrone bares those safety issues in mind. The company was founded in 2014 and has raised $2.9 million in VC funding, including an investment by successful security entrepreneur Tom Noonan (Internet Security Systems, JouleX). The company leverages acoustic and video detection technology to detect the drone threats faced by governments and industry. Once detected, it allows prisons and other facilities to react quickly, gathering contraband, locking down jail cells, and looking for pilots close by. The system not only provides real time video of the incident, but records the threat for video evidence. “The rapid expansion of drones has required methodical solutions to manage issues that might arise from drone threats,” says Tom Noonan, Chairman of the Board of Dedrone. “Dedrone’s innovative technology and research in drone detection has strengthened security needs. Establishing Dedrone’s headquarters in North America will enable a broader relationship with added customer service, detection training, drone education and field service support.”

Company representatives predict that this move is going to help enable further partnership with key sales and technology partners, better accommodate Dedrone’s rapid global growth and increasing demand for its industry-leading drone tracking solutions.

“Dedrone has seen significant growth. Our technology is distributed worldwide by more than 100 partners like Securitas and Bosch Security Systems, but North America is the largest, fastest-growing market in our portfolio. This move will allow us to maximize our reach and stay the global leader in drone detection technology,” states Joerg Lamprecht, CEO and Co-founder of Dedrone.

In addition, as North America sees more dangerous encounters from drones flown in contravention of FAA rules intended to safeguard airspace, Dedrone plans to work directly with influential industries within the US to minimize these threats. Also the office in San Fracisco will be more accessible to innovative drone startups, leading security companies and technology companies and allow the company to hire additional staff.

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