Ustream acquired by IBM for $130 million in cash


Ustream, founded in 2007 by John Ham (US), Brad Hunstable (US), and Gyula Feher (HU), provides video streaming services to more than 80 million viewers / broadcasters and has just got acquired by IBM as it was now officially announced by IBM after a non-official article a few hours earlier on siliconANGLE.

Ustream, usually referred to as one of the Hungarian startup triumvirate, being co-founded by Hungarian CTO Gyula Feher and the product developed in Budapest, has had partners include Panasonic, Samsung, Logitech, CBS News, PBS NewsHour, Viacom, and IMG Media. It received $11.1 million in Series A funding for new product development from DCM (Doll Capital Management) and investors Labrador Ventures and Band of Angels. The interactive broadcast platform is owned by an American company of the same name, Ustream, Inc., based in San Francisco, California. Ustream also provides live game streaming service for Sony’s PlayStation 4.