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5 reasons why startups should consider outsourcing software development (Sponsored)

Since many founders don’t have a technical background, it is a challenge to find a technical co-founder or to attract affordable tech talent to turn a fantastic idea into reality. So, many great visionaries just stop at this point which is a huge mistake!

Good mentors usually tell first time founders: “Focus on what you’re good at and hand the things you’re not good at over to experts in this field”

Several really successful startups started without having a technical co-founder on board. One example is DonorsChoose.org, the famous donation website helping schools in need. According to FastCompany, the founder handwrote his thoughts about the website he wanted to build before paying an external developer $2,000 to bring his idea to life. 14 years later, DonorsChoose is used by teachers at about 60% of all public schools in the United States.

It is indeed a common opinion that having a good tech person at the outset assures a startup to complete a successful exit. However, besides knowing how to create a good code, an owner has to be a good marketing and sales person. Performing all roles at once with limited budget and strict deadlines … is possible, but not recommended.

In the age of online communication and digital marketing, one of the most important aspects (besides the product’s quality) is knowing who your customer is. The role of an enterpreneur in this case is to educate public, showcasing all the unique features of the product to it. As a result, a targeted client will be able to understand what your product can be used for and what its benefits are.

Last but not the least: One has to timely claim its presence in the market and occupy the business niche before others come and do it.

Here are the five reasons for startups lacking resources (human and financial), as well as time to outsource IT services:

  1. Reduced Costs: At the stage of having a brilliant idea only, you are able to find a team of professional engineers who you can contract per agreed price / rate. In this case you do not have to worry about additional expenses, like: staff insurance, payroll taxes, admin costs. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that sometimes more skilled pros can be attracted at a much lower rate through an outsource model.
  2. Freed up Time: By giving away software development tasks, a lot of time is freed up. Deadlines are usually strictly documented in the services contract. So, all you need to do is to control those dates. In this case you will be able to concetrate on marketing and promotion, leaving software development and testing to profis.
  3. IT Consultation: When outsourcing IT services, you will get an immediate access to the world of system and business analysts, who can take a closer look at your case and suggest the best way (logic, approach, tools, programming language) to complete your task. They are able to innovate and improvise, offering the best practices only.
  4. Testing Services Included: Avoiding testing stage in the software development process is like publishing the magazine without prior look at the initial draft of it. In this way – you can ensure the high quality of your ending product (it will be properly tested) and convince yourself that it will not suffer from technical mistakes (bugs).
  5. Technology Partner for Life: It is very difficult to find a suitable employee, the one who understands your company goals and values, is reliable and dedicated. The same works with an IT outsourcing company. Having found the right match in outsourcing – you get the added value – the company with sufficient expertise who you can trust.

A company which can satisfy the above criteria is Softengi. It is the global software engineering services provider represented in the IT market for more than 19 years. Softengi has offices in the UK, the USA, Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Due to their Urkaine headquarters, Softengi is able to attract highly professional tech talent. since Eastern Europe is known to be one of the world’s hotspots when it comes to talented coders.

Softengi is following the Agile methology in their approach to managing software projects. Next to software development, it offers software testing – with more than 30 pros certified by ISTQB.

With Softengi as Technology Parter startups can focus on other important tasks and leave software development to real experts.

To claim a free consultation from Softengi, please fill out this form.

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