The tech startup hub has launched a B2B marketplace for entrepreneurs in Southeast Europe (Sponsored)


On December 15, Start-it.Info has launched a B2B marketplace for startups in Southeast Europe. The initiative aims to support the business growth of young tech companies in the region. The idea is that every company offering services that can be of use for starting a business can share a special discount for its services or an exclusive deal on the platform. Startups then can benefit from these discounted services and the B2B network and receive help for the future development of their business. Every entrepreneur looking for a service for supporting or growing his or her business can claim a suitable offer on The project is just starting and was created for the long-term. More details can be found directly on the marketplace page on is an online platform that aims at creating a digital community of startups and developers across Southeast Europe (SEE) and building a sustainable ecosystem for IT professionals interested in latest integrated tech solutions.

The platform has been created to support the expansion of the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem in Southeast Europe through credible partnerships and collaboration between startups, developer, accelerators, business decision-makers, influencers and thought-leaders in SEE. By interacting with the tech community, founders can easily achieve meaningful and valuable results based on active interaction, trusted partnership and qualitative resources. is developed in collaboration with LAUNCHub and United Partners and powered by IBM.