EU-Startups could use some help with the upcoming relaunch


I’m sure most of you will agree when I say that needs a redesign. Since launching the site in October of 2010, I haven’t updated the design much. Ok, I did change/optimize the logo a few times, but the overall design as well as the wordpress version stayed the same since 2010.

In order to relaunch the site without completely destroying it, I’m now looking for someone who is willing to assist me with the wordpress updates and design changes. You should have some decent PHP coding skills, experience with WordPress (updates, plugins, widgets) and knowledge in css and responsive web design. Since I’m planning to do the WordPress updates and redesign between December 26-30 you should have some time available during those days.

Due to a very tight budget, I won’t be able to pay you a lot for your assistance. But I’m sure we’ll figure something out. If you’re interested to work with me on the upcoming relaunch, please contact me via email: [email protected].