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Warrant.ly: the cloud solution to manage all your warranties

Warranty is something you get when buying a new product. You expect it, you get it. But where is that receipt when you really need it? When will it expire? Or has it already expired?

This is a real issue on an individual level, not to mention the corporate world. Thanks to Central European Startup Awards, I had to chance to get to know with Ivan Jovanic. He and the rest of the team of Warrant.ly has been developing a smart solution for this issue that I would like to share with you.

What is Warrant.ly all about? How would you define it?

Warrantly is a safe place for all your warranties. It aims to eliminate the paperwork involved in product claims and save customers tons of money, while improving relationships between end users, manufacturers, and retailers.

What is your personal story? Where do you come from?

I was born in Belgrade (Serbia) 28 years ago. I worked as UI/UX designer for various companies and I’ve been a part of Warrantly for past 10 months. Two years ago I co-founded an online magazine Belgrade Underground which still keeps growing. In my spare time I love playing my guitar.

What should we know about the team? What is the size and the setup?

There are four members in our team – Nikola Todorovic is our CEO, Svetislav Markovic is the CTO, Marko Simic is our Creative Director, and my role is to let the world know how awesome Warrantly is. Nikola and Svetislav are amazing software engineers with years of experience, and Marko is a brilliant designer who worked for many major companies. We also have advisors from StartupYard (Prague, Czech Republic) and one advisor from San Francisco (USA) – Lazar Stojkovic.

How did you get the idea to start up? What did inspire you?

Nikola came up with this idea 2 years ago while attending “Startup Academy“. The idea was to move all your warranties to the cloud, so you can have instant access to them at any place, any time, on any device. People lose their receipts and warranties all the time, and it’s a huge problem for customers. But, while working on v1 of our product, we saw an amazing potential for next steps Warrantly should take.

What is the business model? And how far have you got?

We have plans to cover all aspects of warranty management, for both individual and enterprise users. There is a lot of space for cooperation with manufacturers and retailers. Also, extended warranties market keeps evolving and brings a lot of money to those involved, so it gives us the opportunity to work with banks and insurance companies too. Warrantly v1.1 is fully operable at this moment for individual users (by the way it’s still free to sign-up), and now we’re working on Warrantly v2 which will provide better user experience and new features for individuals, and finally introduce the platform for business users.

How do you see the future? What is your next big goal to achieve?

Our short term goal is to finalize iOS and Android apps for individual users, and to get manufacturers and retailers to adopt our platform. We already made some serious contacts and we’re still learning about what it is that they actually need. We’re taking it seriously because we want to create the ultimate warranty management software solution. Our long term goal is to send paper warranties to the dustbin of history.

Anything else you may share with us?

Imagine going to the store and buying a new device, maybe a smartphone or a laptop. A retailer doesn’t give you any paper receipts or warranties, they just send you the warranty to your Warrantly account, and all you have to do is to confirm it. You can purchase some of the special care packages directly from your account. Retailers can offer you special loyalty programs, and manufacturers can cut down their production costs and gain some valuable information about their products. Everybody wins. This is the logical next step in warranty management evolution, and we believe we’re going to achieve that.

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Peter Kovacs
Peter Kovacs
Peter Kovacs is the Co-Founder of Global Startup Awards, xLabs and IseeQ . He contributes to EU-Startups with founder interviews and stories, mostly from the CEE region.

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