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Berlin-based market intelligence startup IPlytics closes seed funding with High-Tech Gründerfonds

IPlytics, a German startup in the field of market intelligence & technology trending, has successfully closed its first investment round, raising a 6-digit funding from High-Tech Gründerfonds.

IPlytics develops a SaaS Solution that connects millions of data points on relevant market activities, helping companies to make better business decisions. With just a few clicks IPlytics Platform provides answers to critical questions such as: Who is the technology leader in a market segment? Who holds the relevant IP and how valuable is it? How does competition develop? Who are new market entrants or upcoming startups? What are new technology trends and who is investing?

IPlytics uses big data frameworks to intelligently connect and visualize multiple data sources providing its users faster and better market insights. The user subscribes to IPlytics Platform on a monthly basis, logs-in to the tool with any browser and simply enters a keyword. With only one click IPlytics Platform provides visual results on the latest technology trends, market positions and company performances. IPlytics leverages the use of patent, standards and company data to calculate sophisticated statistical value and trend indicators. All data sources are publicly available and constantly updated to ensure transparency and up-to-date information. IPlytics cooperates with leading scientific research organizations such as Fraunhofer, TU Berlin, ParisTech or Northwestern Chicago to guarantee reliable data processing and data calculation methods.

Founded in 2013 as spin-off from TU Berlin‘s innovation economics department, the startup has been profitable for the past year. IPlytics addresses clients from any tech-related branches ranging from Automobile or ICT to Biotech. Across the US, market intelligence solutions have already been well spotted. Californian startup QUID, a major competitor of IPlytics, had recently closed an investment round of $39 million.

With data becoming more accessible and searchable, companies find it increasingly difficult to draw conclusions from the abundant information. However, in a quickly changing environment, companies need to make immediate business decisions. Dr. Tim Pohlmann, CEO and founder of IPlytics, explains: „We are do not deliver just data, we provide business results. Soon data will become a commodity. What really matters is understanding it!“

IPlytic‘s strategic decision to collaborate with HTGF is not solely financially but very substantially driven. Pohlmann stated: „The participating industry companies within the investment fonds form a perfect match for us from a strategic business development perspective“.

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Thomas Ohr
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