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Swipe relaunches with fresh funding and pro plans to change the paradigm of presentations

Swipe, a Norwegian startup which is now based in London, helps you make quick, beautiful, responsive presentations and lets you broadcast them in real-time to anyone, on any device, anywhere in the world. Their service turns your presentations into conversations, by putting your content in the hands of your audience and lets you interact with real-time polls for a futuristic presentation experience.

Today, Swipe launched a brand new version redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up to give an alternative to Microsoft’s Sway and LinkedIn’s Slideshare. The new version is all about putting the focus on content and giving powerful tools to create interactive presentations in minutes that work on any device.

With the announcement of its pro plans, Swipe goes after the business market. It plugs into the web’s favorite analytics tools (like Google Analytics) to give a user detailed analytics related to how their decks performed. The pro plan also adds secret links, giving the user the ability to create multiple individual links per presentation to send different prospects, and to see when and how they each interacted and viewed the deck differently. It also adds password protection to make sharing sensitive content even easier. These tools are aimed at sales teams, marketers, and startups in order to make them more effective and improve the quality of their presentations with data.

Swipe was started in 2012 by Horia Cernusca (CEO) and Håkon Eide (CTO) in Oslo, Norway. The company launched its alpha at The Next Web Startup Rally in April, 2013 and later launched into public beta in November 2013 to rave reviews. The company is now based in London, UK and has raised seed funding from the best early stage VC funds in Europe: Passion Capital and Playfair Capital. Over 300,000 people have used Swipe since its launch. Presentations in Swipe have been viewed over 3.5 million times. Swipe raises further funding from Passion Capital and Playfair Capital to fund product development.

Horia Cernusca, company co-founder and CEO: “We think presentations should be more like conversations, where the audience doesn’t only digest and consume but rather contributes to the flow and becomes an active part of it. We move presentations into the mobile context, a participatory context, which sets them free from the projector and the traditional idea of a lecture. With Swipe you don’t talk at your audience, you talk with them.”

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Ieva Treija
Ieva Treija
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