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Startup jobs of the week: FinanceFox and Beko Käuferportal

Week after week, we’re introducing you to great career opportunities in the startup space. This is your chance to become part of the success story of one of Europe’s hottest startups! For a complete overview of the best startup jobs, make sure to check out our job board.

And here are the jobs of the week:

FinanceFox-logoFinanceFox is your personal/digital insurance consultant. By signing the broker mandate the customer is choosing the FinanceFox team to partner in all insurance matters. They already have a trained team of consultants with the best insurance know-how. Currently FinanceFox is looking for Data Scientist or someone who can help them out with big data. Ideal candidates would have strong knowledge and passion for data analytics, visualization, and user experience. They should also have an understanding of financial services and/or insurance data. Do you feel that you want to join? Cool! Click here!

Kaeuferportal-logoBeko Käuferportal is the German market leader in connecting customers with providers of producer goods. They have 270 employees by now and they are located in the heart of Berlin. The successful work in Germany has led to logical expansion. The team has chosen UK market. And now they need a Team Leader who could guide there. If you are interested, apply here. Just keep in mind that the working place still remains Berlin.

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Ieva Treija
Ieva Treija
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