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Munich-based Neokami raises $1.1 million to revolutionise the AI economy

Neokami, a Munich-based artificial intelligence startup has announced a seed investment of $1.1 million from angel investors Josef Brunner and Tom Noonan. The fresh capital will enable Neokami to invest in the growth of its developer community, helping to build further applications that are “powered by Neokami”.

Using a range of powerful self-learning algorithms, Neokami aims to transform the way in which big businesses approach a range of complex problems – from curing cancer and looking for oil, to enabling services to understand their customers better and providing in-depth health knowledge to patients.

The startup, which to date has been a part of Telefonica’s digital startup accelerator programme, Wayra Germany, started with a simple but profound idea: to create the world’s first real-time emotional heat map (Update – July 2023: The website seems to be out of use, and we therefore deactivated the original link). The prototype connected with Neokami’s AI technology to make sense of emotion by geography and topic, combining live sentiment analysis from Twitter.

Neokami’s founders Ozel Christo and Andrei Ciobotar recognised the huge opportunity to create machine intelligence that would allow businesses and developers to make a difference to their bottom line, such as predicting the moment a customer might leave before it even happens.

Neokami, which was founded in 2014, has already partnered with Telefonica Germany and Airbus to provide integrated end-to-end machine learning services to address issues within both organisations. With Wayra’s support, Neokami has now impressed two big-name angel investors.

Josef Brunner, an entrepreneur and investor who had his company JouleX acquired by Cisco for $107 million, said: “I believe Neokami is a truly innovative and market-leading technology that will play a key role in the future of AI. Ozel and Andrei have developed a platform that really can help solve big problems for companies and people around the world. I look forward to supporting them as they grow and reach new markets in the future.”

Garan Goodman, Managing Director of Wayra Germany, added: “For Wayra Germany, Neokami is a major success, once again demonstrating our instinct for promising technologies. Startups such as Neokami set new standards and prove our ability to spot early-stage founders that have impressive personal and professional profiles and can develop highly modern technologies very rapidly.”

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Thomas Ohr
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