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Equity crowdfunding deals of May: language learning, hummus and strategy games

Equity crowdfunding is a relatively new way to raise capital or invest in young companies, and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. With so much activity in this budding sphere, I’ve listed my favourite campaigns from the month of May (Please note: This is not an investment recommendation – make your own judgement before/if you invest).

  • HUMMUS BROS on Seedrs: This award-winning chain of restaurants and pop-ups is serving healthy and delicious Mediterranean food in the UK. Disclosure: I am a big lover of hummus 🙂
  • Israel’s leading crowdfunding site OurCrowd: They just announced a first fund, bringing seed-stage investment to the investor community in diversified form. The first investments have included Invertex, a pioneer in mass product customisation 3D printing; rimoto, bringing a 1-800 Data capability to vendors; and Turbulent Energy, with a unique, patented technology for homogenisation and atomisation of previously immiscible liquids, for lucrative, highly efficient fuel blends.
  • Linguese, also on Seedrs: This edtech company is teaching Chinese online with live qualified native teachers and a bespoke IT platform.
  • Finland-based Invesdor: The first European crowdfunding platform with a full MiFID-level investment firm license is raising money via their own campaign – and there are still a few days to participate. After summer, Invesdor will be launching a Crowdbond concept, which is a simple, unsecured and fully transferable bond with an interest rate that’s determined in an auction-like process.
  • 7 Elements Studio: This online gaming platform is setting out to create the ultimate cross platform strategy games, and is currently raising $2 million on iAngels.

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Pavel Curdahttps://cz.linkedin.com/in/pavelcurda
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  1. Thanks for sharing so that I can know more crownfunding. It’s the first time I’ve heard about Finland-based Invesdor. So interested in what it did. Great job, man!

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