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Equity crowdfunding deals of May: learn Chinese online, hummus restaurants in London, cross platform strategy games

Equity crowdfunding is a relatively new way to raise capital or invest in young companies, often along with experienced angel investors. This alternative funding opportunity is increasingly becoming sexy also in Europe. Below I feature some campaigns that I liked in May. (Note: This is no investment recommendation, make your own judgement before/if you invest).

  • HUMMUS BROS on Seedrs. Award-winning chain of restaurants and pop-ups serving healthy and delicious Mediterranean food in the UK. Disclosure: I am a big lover of hummus. 🙂
  • Israel’s leading crowdfunding site OurCrowd announced its first fund, bringing seed-stage investment to the investor community in diversified form. The first investments included Invertex – pioneer in mass product customization 3D printing, rimoto, bringing a 1-800 Data capability to vendors, or Turbulent Energy, with a unique, patented technology for homogenization and atomization of previously immiscible liquids, for lucrative, highly efficient fuel blends.
  • Linguese, also on Seedrs. An EdTech company teaching Chinese online with live qualified native teachers and a bespoke IT platform.
  • Finland-based Invesdor – the first European crowdfunding platform with a full MiFID-level investment firm license – is raising money via an own campaign. With success. You still have a few days to participate. After summer Invesdor is launching a Crowdbond concept, a simple, unsecured and fully transferable bond with an interest rate determined in an auction-like process.
  • 7 Elements Studio is an online gaming platform that sets out to create the ultimate cross platform strategy games. Now raising USD 2 million on iAngels.
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  1. Thanks for sharing so that I can know more crownfunding. It’s the first time I’ve heard about Finland-based Invesdor. So interested in what it did. Great job, man!

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