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Tellyo Pro launches with the claim to be the easiest way to publish TV content online

According to the Helsinki-based startup Tellyo, online publishing has increased the speed of how quickly reporters have to respond to big TV happenings and they missed a tool to get those videos into the cloud as quickly as they can write. This is why they created Tellyo Pro, which opens up access to live and past TV shows, sports or other online streams to reporters so they can use any parts of those programs in their articles as video clips.

Online video ad revenues are steadily growing basically everywhere around the world. In the US, this ad format grew 56% during 2014. As most of you know, the traditional media is struggling to make up the shrinking print revenues in online.

Kimmo Koivisto, the CEO of Tellyo, stated: “With Tellyo Pro publishers can boost their own online video ad revenues. By replacing images with video clips in their articles journalists both engage more readers and earn money from the ads shown with the video clips.”

Tellyo Pro has been piloted with Finnish MTV. The MTV published Tellyo Pro clips have received more than 250.000 daily views.

Mari Rasimus, Executive Producer and head of social media at MTV, said: “During live events speed of publishing is critical for maximum engagement. Thanks to Tellyo Pro we’ve been able to share highlights of TV shows in near real-time.”

Tellyo Pro is launching during the Arctic15 conference in Helsinki, where the presentations are made available to reporters to edit out and publish the interesting clips in their articles. Watch the video below to learn more about how it works:

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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