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VoIPstudio: A powerful and easy-to-use cloud telephone system (Sponsored)

Over the weekend I took some time to check out VoIPstudio, a cloud telephony service enabling flexible yet secure connections between users and business entities. You might think there are better things to do on weekends, but the time was definitely worth it. Although I’d heard of Voice over IP or Internet telephony solutions many times before, I had never really tried a specific VoIP service yet.

The telephony service, which was created by the London-based tech company Level 7 Systems, aims to help businesses be more productive, without needing to buy and manage an expensive on-site telephone system. All VoIPstudio’s enterprise features are delivered at a fraction of the standard PBX price. (Editors note: PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company.)

So what VoIPstudio is basically offering is a quick and cheap way of getting started with Internet telephony, using your PC and the VoIPstudio software, which turns your PC into a fully featured telephone. Your first sign up gives you a 30-day free trial, as well as 100 free minutes of calls to ordinary telephones. This means that you can test the VoIPstudio service without any risk.

The sign up is very quick and you’re seamlessly walked through VoIPstudio’s functions and features right on the website after your first log in. After your sign up, you also very quickly get an email from a customer service representative, who can help you with your questions about the telephony service.

The innovative VoIPstudio platform allows the deployment of a flexible telephony network, wherever an internet connection is available. It can be used with a regular desk phone, or with a computer based software. Existing telephone numbers can also be easily ported to VoIPstudio. One way to start making calls right away would be to download their free soft phone after your sign up.

VoIPstudio’s telephony service feature set is rich and relatively easy to discover (voicemail, contact lists, conference calls, SMS and fax service, etc.). To be honest, I think VoIPstudio’s user interface is probably not going to win a design award, but don’t get me wrong, the design is functional and the overall user experience is great! It’s just not amazingly pretty, in an ‘Apple’ way.

As I mentioned before, VoIPstudio’s cloud telephony solution is comparably affordable. The price plan starts at €3.99 per user (on a monthly basis). If you’re interested, make sure to try VoIPstudio now and take advantage of their 30-day free trial!

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