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5 Irish startups to look out for in 2015

Ireland is not only home to the awesome tech event Web Summit, but also to a large number of successful startups. At the beginning of this year, we took a look at the Irish startup scene and tried to come up with a list of five promising tech companies to watch in 2015. It has been hard to narrow this list down, but we’ve decided to go with just five startups from different sectors. All of them entered the market in 2014 and each of the listed startups has something special to add to the digital economy in 2015.


1. Tubett: This Dublin-based startup has created a fun game where gamers and YouTube lovers meet. Given the fact that the curve of the number of users of any given YouTube video looks like a stock chart, the Tubett game enables its players, or ‘TubeTrenders’, to purchase virtual stock and back the videos that they believe are about to take off viraly. The value of that stock fluctuates in proportion to the video’s popularity (number of daily views). Players have followers, rankings and compete in leader boards and soon will be able to create groups/leagues for their school or workplace (etc.).

ProsPr-logo2. Prospr: This promising health technology startup is for the modern age. The Dublin-based company describes itself as the glue that connects coaches with their clients. For coaches, Prospr is a tool that keeps them connected with their client base 24/7. For clients, Prospr is a coach in your pocket. Founded in 2014, Prospr does the hard work for you and uses your data and pictures to give you personal feedback from their network of wellness professionals to help you make better health choices (Update – July 2023: The startup seems to be no longer in business under this website, and we therefore deactivated the original link).

Barricade-logo3. Barricade: The Cork-based team behind Barricade has created an app security solution that provides real-time security operations visibility, as well as intuitive monitoring/alerting. Barricade’s platform combines traditional intrusion detection methods with innovative machine learning techniques to identify and report data breaches, attack patterns and operations anomalies. All you have to do is run one command across your servers/containers and you gain access to Barricade’s intelligent intrusion detection system, their operations-recommendation engine and an intuitive dashboard and mobile app (Update – July 2023: The startup seems to be no longer in business under this website, and we therefore deactivated the original link).

Jumble-logo4. Jumble: Founded in 2014, Jumble is a Dublin-based startup that provides a simple encryption service that looks after key generation and distribution while working with your existing email account. Jumble specialises in bringing always-on email encryption services to the masses. The promising strtup does this by providing next generation encryption services that integrate with popular email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail. The goal of Jumble is to allow the everyday user to use email encryption without needing to know anything about cryptography, key generation or key distribution (Update – July 2023: The startup seems to be no longer in business under this website, and we therefore deactivated the original link).

GloFox-logo5. Glofox: This business management software is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the fitness industry, with a unique mobile app solution. Glofox was built by its Dublin-based founders because they saw that there was a shift in the needs of the fitness industry due to the rise of new technology. They felt that consumers wanted a mobile app that enables them to self-manage their fitness schedules and routines. Plus, they wanted to make it easier for companies to receive bookings and accept payments for their fitness related services (including membership management). All of that and more became reality when Glofox launched in 2014.

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