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The #NOcord #NOcharge #NObutton high-fashion bracelet

The tago arc is a high-fashion E Ink bracelet with endless display possibilities and cutting edge technologies that gives you the freedom of expressing yourself, always matching your mood and outfit. I asked Zoli Kovács, the Founder of L!BER8 Technology about why woman fall in love with tago arc for the first sight.

How come that a guy develops a stylish, high-tech bracelet?

The passion for fashion runs in the family, my sister is a fashion designer and I am a huge accessory fan – bracelets, watches, sun glasses you name it. But I also like my gadgets and I like tinkering with electronics.

Combine this with the fact that I am always sentenced to wait for my girlfriend to get ready before heading out, picking the right accessory usually takes the most time for her.

Where did the idea for tago arc come from?

The idea was developed gradually overtime… We knew we wanted to further cordless and wireless – #NOcord, #NOcharge and #NObutton technologies.

We feel that this gadget is easy to relate to for our consumers and we would like to use tago arc as a stepping stone for other accessories and gadgets with our signature #NObutton, #NOcord, #NOcharge technologies in the same high fashion – premium quality philosophy.

There are so many different wearables and smart gadgets on the market – why is tago arc different?

Observing the recent events in the industry I believe that wearable technologies have reached an impasse, and the barrier seems to be consumer convenience when it comes to interacting with and recharging ones gadgets. There is a bit of a struggle or challenge if you like between consumer experience – battery life versus smarter technologies. We believe that what our consumers and what the market needs is not another smart gadget but a premium quality accessory that provides a smoother user experience and liberates our users from the stress and inconvenience of dying batteries, cords, bluetooth, syncing the devices and charging.

We believe that the tago arc, its quality, its design and diverse functionality speaks for itself and women will fall in love with it for its chic simplicity and elegance, and not an added software functionality or smart extension.

Where can I get my hands on the tago arc?

We are launching the commercial retail of tago arc in the frame of an Indiegogo campaign on the 11th of February. We are looking for beta testers, artists to create the wonderful designs for the display and we are turning to the community to let us know what they think about our idea and to engage them actively in the development of the 21st century jewelry. You may also visit our Facebook page to learn more about the progress.

Peter Kovacs
Peter Kovacs
Peter Kovacs is the Co-Founder of Global Startup Awards, xLabs and IseeQ . He contributes to EU-Startups with founder interviews and stories, mostly from the CEE region.


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