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Pitch successfully and get the money – the ultimate HOW TO! (Sponsored)

Joachim Guenster (StorySculptor / StoryMaster) a well known figure in the startup industry, who teaches how to sell best and how to excite and convince investors to throw money at start-up’s has published his first online course and is offering a very special discount to our readers. Instead of US $ 299 only US $ 29 for a limited time! Check out his online course here. (Price may vary depending on exchange rate, if you visit site from Europe and V.A.T will be applied)

In his course the StorySculptor addresses some very interesting questions: Why do we remember “Little Red Riding Hood” after so many years? Does the name “Mr. Spock” ring a bell? On the other hand, why do our prospects forget our presentations 10 minutes after we leave their office?

And of course he gives answers to these questions and shows very effective methods how to sculpt a exciting story which catches the attention of investors and customers.
Joachim shows you how to captivate your audience, ensuring they invest in your ideas and buy your product; how to persuade and excite prospective customers, turning them into happy and returning customers; how to find the joy in sales and see how it makes people’s lives better; how to convert happy customers into raving fans and brand ambassadors.

All this can easily be achieved with telling great stories and his course will teach you how to build bestselling stories and sell anything to anybody at anytime. No rocket science, just simple easy methods for everybody with simple step by step instructions. In his over 25 years in sales he elicited secrets from the world’s best: Steve Jobs, Stephen Spielberg, and many others. In the course you can see best practice cases. Real successful customers cases.

The method is easy, convenient and simple to learn. And it has a lot to do with “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Snow White,” the legendary “Mr. Spock,” and many other stories that we remember. Good stories stick, while our sales pitch almost never does. Good stories are remembered, while our sales pitch goes in one ear and out the other. Good stories sell! While our sales pitch doesn’t (most of the time).

Surprise investors with a story, which won’t get out of their head. In the course you can learn the how to and get all information and necessary steps to succeed.

Preview chapters are available at the course site free of charge. Other material to support your entrepreneurial career is found in English here: www.storysculptor.net and in German here: www.storymaster.de

Get your discounted course now: bit.ly/1FZ0UU2

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Thomas Ohr
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