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Edgee the social platform beyond 140 characters #launched

Have you ever felt restricted expressing yourself in 140 characters? Well not anymore! Today Edgee announced the launch of its social platform which goes beyond the traditional word limit of 140 characters. Users of edgee can share their interests, thoughts, and complex ideas on different topics via collections titled “edgees”.

Users can embed any type of media into an edgee with one click, bringing together video, text, audio, and image into a cohesive new format. They can then add their own perspective and insights, as well as arrange and emphasise items in their own fashion to flesh out the big picture of their choice. An edgee can bring structure and narrative to complex ideas.

For instance, a journalist uses an edgee to provide nuance and background information about a story. A history teacher creates an edgee to teach about the Berlin Wall and to show primary sources to her students. An activist creates an edgee about Occupy Wall Street and shares it across his network. An artist creates an edgee as inspiration for a street art project. Students create an edgee to collaborate on projects by sharing multiple links through the same page.

Users explore the most popular collections inside edgee’s dedicated channels and can upvote their favourites. edgee aims to provide a new kind of social network for sharing and consuming deeper, more meaningful insights from the whirl of digital media. The company is developing more social features to be released soon.

Founder Markus Maier, a Brown University graduate, who deferred Harvard Business School to create edgee, explains: “The world’s most important thoughts and topics shouldn’t be reduced to 140 characters. Instead, we believe people need to see the big picture and need a new medium to do just that.”

“With this mission in mind, we designed the “edgee” so that users can explore thoughts and ideas in an entirely new way. edgee will be a unique playground for curious people.”

The platform is available by invitation-only at the moment. For instant access to the site, please click here and sign up with the code “dayoneaccess” to gain immediate access to the site today.

Based in both Berlin and Silicon Valley, edgee is part of the German Accelerator program and backed by private investors.

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Mevish Aslam
Mevish Aslam
Mevish is the founder and Nomad in Residence at Terminal3.co and Sprinters.co. She empowers remote workers to leave the office cubicle to travel and work from anywhere in the world.


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