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Book review: Startupland – the story behind Zendesk

Published at the end of 2014, Startupland tells the story of how three guys from Copenhagen risked everything to turn their idea into a global business. The idea of the three guys was to build an internet-based and easy-to-use customer service software, which they eventually named Zendesk.

Today, Zendesk is a publicly traded company with headquarters in San Francisco. Led by Mikkel Svane, Zendesk became a unicorn (a startup that turned into a company worth more than 1 billion). Due to a lack of funding opportunities, this unicorn left Europe to become part of the ‘Startupland’ in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

Startupland was written by founder and CEO Mikkel Svane (with some help from Carlye Adler). It’s a good read – honest and sometimes even a bit provocative. Mikkel walks you through the ups and many downs of creating a successful company. He describes the numerous arguments/fights he had with his co-founders, the problems they had with raising money and the challenge of building and moving a company while being a father and husband.

Startupland is both imformative and inspiring. A great book for everybody interested in the entrepreneurial journey behind Zendesk. Interested? Read it now!

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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