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Billoid aims to revolutionize the billing process for affiliate networks

Billoid, an invoicing solution by the Cologne-based Zendri UG, recently published a case study where it achieved remarkable results for their long-time client KissMyAds – a Mobile Performance Marketing Network from Germany. After cooperating in a closed beta phase before the official launch of Billoid, KissMyAds reported an immense time saving in the billing process of 87.5% through the combination of the performance tracking software HasOffers by TUNE and Billoid.

KissMyAds required a highly scalable and flexible solution due to the constant rise in the number of invoice documents that had to be managed every month. In addition, the complication of regional tax laws were becoming very time consuming and tedious for staff to contend with.

“We have designed Billoid to solve frequent challenges performance and affiliate networks have to deal with in their everyday business,” said Jens Wessel, Founder and CEO of Zendri – startup behind Billoid. Tailored for the HasOffers platform, Billoid provides a seamless process to generate tax compliant invoices and custom payment conditions, while taking custom rules of the network into consideration.

With Billoid for HasOffers KissMyAds achieved an automatic compliance of credit notes and invoices with international tax regulations. They also increased timeliness of advertiser payments by 15%. KissMyAds was able to streamline the billing process with the help of Billoid, cutting the time needed for the monthly invoicing process from three days down to three hours.

Billoid, which officially launched by the end of March 2014, provides networks and agencies that use the HasOffers platform with a customized way to invoice their advertisers and affiliates. Thereby, the solution pays special attention to the compliance with tax legislation worldwide and recurrent requirements, like tax form management or on-time payments by advertisers. Zendri, the startup behind Billoid, was founded in 2012 and specializes in developing web and mobile solutions as well as b2b apps. So far, the young company is completely bootstrapped.

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Thomas Ohr
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