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The world’s most villainous alarm clock

It must be a joke, right? Yes, it should be, as it is on 9gag – but it’s not. Snopy is real and out there!

No, it doesn’t run on a sophisticated motion detection algorithm. It simply puts you in the decision of menkind in the 21st century: Money vs Time.

When the alarm is on, you have the chance to decide: you wake up or keep on sleeping for some money.

The team behind the app is from Hungary, that country of Rubik’s cube, Biro pen and Prezi and they do not have budget to spend on marketing, however they have the idea to boost their app recognition by using 9gag “trending”. Help them achieve their attempt by downloading the free app and up-vote their post HERE.

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Peter Kovacs
Peter Kovacs
Peter Kovacs is the Co-Founder of Global Startup Awards, xLabs and IseeQ . He contributes to EU-Startups with founder interviews and stories, mostly from the CEE region.

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