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Hamburg-based e-commerce minubo raises seven-digit funding for its business intelligence solution

minubo, a cloud-based business intelligence solution specifically developed for online shops, has received a second seven-digit seed investment and is expanding to the US.

The funding in this second seed round comes from Seedcamp Investments, HTGF, and Tola Capital, as well as from prominent business angels like Stephan Schambach. With new capital and an expansion in the sales and development departments, the minubo team continues to position itself as a pioneer for intelligent data analysis in Germany and is now entering the US market.

The Hamburg-based company was founded in 2013. minubo is an e-commerce intelligence solution developed to meet online retailers’ specific analytics requirements. The young company aims to help online retailers drive their growth by converting data into action.

Lennard Stoever, minubo’s co-founder and CEO, stated: “We consistently invest in the internationalisation of the company and the expansion of our partner-networks. We have won globally active partners in the US and Great Britain with businesses such as Demandware and Brightpearl, who provide our analysis solution to a large customer base”.

E-commerce pioneer Stephan Schambach, the lead investor of the current finance round, is confident: “With the new location in Boston, minubo now opens itself to US investors, who are accustomed to investing in young businesses. And because every online shop needs an analysis solution sooner or later, minubo is positioned just right in this large market.”

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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