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Ve acquires qunb in multi-million pound deal to expand Big Data analytics offering

After acquiring GDM Digital last week, UK-founded ecommerce conversion company Ve has announced that it acquired French data science company qunb in a multi-million pound cash and shares deal.

The acquisition is aimed at significantly expanding Ve’s Big Data capability. qunb’s ten staff will join Ve’s Paris office and the qunb brand will ultimately be rolled into a new service called VeInsights headed by qunb co-Founder and CEO Cyrille Vincey.

As we reported, Ve currently monitors and analyses 33% of the global ecommerce market. And, combining this information with qunb’s visualisation and monitoring expertise will allow Ve to vastly expand the insights offered to its customers.

Additionally, the new service VeInsights services will include a retrospective view of consumer trends within the ecommerce market, live analytics and, crucially, predictive analytics. Using these insights ecommerce companies will be better able to predict the purchasing patterns of consumers and adjust the pricing and products offered to them accordingly. qunb’s current analytics technology produces monthly reports for over 3,500 clients. Ve will also produce benchmark reports on the ecommerce markets in individual countries.

David J. Brown, CEO and co-Founder of Ve, said: “qunb has a very talented staff and is a world-leader in data monitoring and visualisation. By combining qunb’s technology and expertise with Ve’s current offering, we will be able to give our customers an unprecedented level of insight into the online purchasing habits of consumers.”

Cyrille Vincey, CEO and co-Founder of qunb, said: “We are very excited to join the Ve team as we believe that combining our expertise and technology will create an unrivalled service for ecommerce companies. The sheer volume of data Ve will now be able to analyse and visualise will provide one of the most complete pictures we have ever had of the ecommerce market. This will help online retailers increase their sales but giving them insights into what consumers want now and in the future.”

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