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How to get investors excited and to throw money at you!

Every day, a lot of startups are pitching for funding – all over the world. But only a few succeed. Isn’t there enough money? Well, there is, but… there are just an awful lot of sub-optimal pitches. Startups tend to mistake an investor pitch for something different than a simple sales pitch. Basically, it’s not! It is to sell the idea (shares, equity) to investors. As simple as this is. Because investors are also human beings and their psychology isn’t any different than from the rest of the world.

So when it comes to your pitch, make sure to focus on the right selling technique! Joachim Guenster just published a great manual on how to do that. It’s called “Sebastian and the best sales strategy in the world” and is available for free in the app stores around the world or through StorySculptor.net.

His ebook is about a sales man (could be an entrepreneur pitching to investors) who was peppering customers with rapid-fire facts and figures. His ideas and his product was unique and clearly superior to competing brands, but that was still not enough to convince customers to buy it. He attended pitch seminar upon pitch seminar, growing increasingly frustrated that he was standing still. Eventually, he ran into Joachim Guenster and learned to captivate investors with stories, not facts.

That changed a lot for the sales man. The stories worked, not the facts. The stories created an emotional connection for the customer that pure facts simply couldn’t, and almost all of his sales pitches were successful. He also received a flood of word-of-mouth advertising, which increased his sales even more.

The “how to” is described in detail within Joachim Guenster’s free ebook “Sebastian and the best sales strategy in the world”. It teaches you how to achieve this level of success and get investors excited and all fired up. Check out the story of someone who set out to become a super successful salesperson and found a fun, effective way to meet his goals.

Joachim Guenster was also a judge at the pitch competition of our recent EU-Startups Conference. He is a successful sales expert who enjoys helping startups around the world. To get an idea about Joachim’s sales strategy, check out the presentation below:

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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