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ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator Invited 6 New Startups To Its New Batch

The fourth consecutive ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator started in September. From a total field of more than 300 applications, six start-ups qualified for the first-ever chance to utilize office space not only in Munich, but in Berlin as well.

In these locations, in Munich and Berlin, young companies operating in business areas of ProSiebenSat.1’s Berlin subsidiaries like MyVideo, Studio71 and SevenGames, can receive even better support. Furthermore, each one of the investment teams will receive an investment of EUR 25,000 with additional extensive coaching in all areas of business, as well as access to prestigious investors.

As in the preceding three batches, this new round also offers a wide range of innovations in the fields of e-commerce, hardware solutions and fin-tech. For the fourth round of the P7S1 Accelerator, the following start-ups were selected:

  • HelloCare from Berlin is a digital marketplace for senior care and support. HelloCare offers a diverse range of services, including help with shopping, household services, preparation of meals and all-around care.
  • Eurosender helps people ship parcels or luggage internationally. The Slovenian company arranges shipments between European countries at the lowest possible prices. The exclusive rates negotiated with couriers are passed on directly to users.
  • Ekoio from Leipzig makes it possible to connect a smartphone to any car’s on-board computer and engine, using its proprietary Ekoio Stick. The Ekoio Stick provides engine data and driving behavior data, which can help drivers optimize their driving. It can also be used to collect redeem bonus points and optimize motor vehicle fleets.
  • Jaimie Jacobs from Munich offers customizable, hand-made shoes for women and men. Using a 3-D generator on the company’s website, customers can design their own, high-quality leather shoes. Everything from style to materials and color can be determined by the customer.
  • Cashboard, the second Berlin-based team, allows everyone to make their investments easier. Investors simply enter their investment objectives into the online platform and receive a diversified portfolio at the click of a button. The investments are managed online automatically and the accounts are administered securely with a German bank. The account and the investment management service are completely free; investors only pay a fair percentage on investment profits.
  • Pablo & Paul from Munich is a shop for exclusive but also affordable art. Art lovers can acquire individual pieces either online or offline. Through shops-in-shops, for example in BoConcept, the company is expanding its reach through the use of modern, easy-to-navigate large touch screens.
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