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Breed Reply: An advanced incubator for startups delivering IoT solutions

Reply, a leading consulting, systems integration and digital services company with a solid tech expertise and market presence all over Europe and the USA, announces Breed Reply, a new advanced incubator for funding, accelerating and supporting the growth and establishment of ideas and startups around the Internet of Things (IoT) across Europe and the USA.

The mission: to select the smartest teams working on IoT enabled businesses and help them grow with intensive support for the first twelve months, working hands-on with them to build a long-term relationship, in order to scale the business through a strong go-to-market strategy supported by Reply’s network and the strong technological DNA and the deep expertise of Reply in the Internet of Things domain.

Based in London and with offices in Italy and Germany, Breed Reply offers three fundamental services:

  • funding at “seed” and “early stage” level
  • considerable support with significant know-how transfer of business, managerial and technological expertise
  • medium-term involvement to establish startups in their market

Breed Reply invests in solutions involving the Internet of Things dynamics in significant vertical markets like: fitness and wellness, health care, smart home, manufacturing, transportation and energy.

Between now and 14th November 2014, Breed Reply will offer start-ups the opportunity to present their ideas and projects through “IoT Best in Breed”: the primary way for an outstanding team in the Internet of Things to get noticed by Breed Reply and potentially receive an attractive offer including seed funding, hands-on support and a long-term commitment.

Do you want to apply?

Full disclosure: the author works for Security Reply, a Reply Group’s company

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Luca Mayer
Luca Mayer
Luca works as a Senior Security Specialist and Project Manager at Security Reply. On EU-Startups.com he writes about Italian startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Italy.

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