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Barcelona-based BrainGaze set to improve ADHD diagnosis with three-year collaboration agreement

Barcelona-based eye-tracking startup BrainGaze announced yesterday the signing of a new three-year deal with the Maresme Health Consortium (CSdM) – the public body responsible for the Hospital de Mataró, along with five other hospitals and health centres in Catalonia, Spain.

After raising a large round in July, BrainGaze has partnered with Maresme Health Consortium and five other hospitals in Spain. Last year, BrainGaze’s diagnostic system was trialed by CSdM in a pilot study, confirming that children with ADHD perform a distinct pattern of eye movement when focusing on an object and now it will apply its technology to the validation of new diagnostic methods for ADHD.

BrainGaze, founded last September by Laszlo Bax and Hans Supèr, found that small involuntary eye movements can tell us much about how a person processes and uses visual information. BrainGaze’s co-founder and scientific director Hans Supèr discovered that minute eye movements during gaze fixation can predict shifts in visual attention and conscious perception. This discovery paves the way for the development of a novel and accurate biomarker of attention and perception for eye-tracking applications.

Now, this same technology will form the basis of a body of work that attempts to establish the full potential of this biomarker in psychiatry diagnostics. In addition, the three-year collaboration will produce at least two theses from doctors specialising in psychiatry, and is expected to lead to new collaborations with research centres both within Catalonia and further afield in Europe.

Laszlo Bax explained: “At the moment, ADHD diagnosis is largely reliant on forms and surveys. That’s not just a problem for diagnosis, but also for treatment. We’re hopeful that these trials will prove the BrainGaze system presents a more accurate alternative and ultimately pave the way for easier and more effective screening – perhaps even in schools.”

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